We have extensive experience in assisting parties to resolve differences, create value and achieve resolution. Areas where we offer services (and examples of where we have facilitated outcomes) include:


Joint venture and/or Mergers – Mergers of Local Councils; Mergers of State Government Departments; Mergers of private sector companies; and Mergers between NFP sector entities.  

Change Management – In addition to the necessary change that comes from mergers, we have also provided services in the private sector for companies ‘flattening corporate structures’, and the implementation of ‘teams’ and ‘quality management’ systems. In the public sector, we have helped facilitate major change in education, emergency services and health service delivery.

Strategic Planning – In all three sectors, the private sector, the public sector and the NFP sector, we have provided facilitation services to assist organisations to review their current operations and then develop future strategic plans (and then operational plans to give effect to the SP).

Enterprise Bargaining – Sitting behind all of the above three situations is of course employment structures. We provide specialist workplace service and this includes facilitating enterprise bargaining negotiations. Our experience includes: In the private sector – services between national airlines and relevant unions; and in the sugar industry. In the public sector – services between Federal government agencies and relevant unions; and at the State level between government agencies and relevant unions.

Public Consultation – Where large scale projects are forecast, the promotor can often be required to undertake public consultation as part of the proposal. We have on many occasions assisted with facilitating public forums.


We provide both general and specific mediation services in most areas, including the following:

Commercial Disputes – including disputes involving: Contracts for services or supply; Leases; Debt reconciliation; Dissolution of partnerships; and others

Project Management Conflict  – Project management occurs in a host of sectors – e.g. in the construction industry, in government service delivery, and event management. A key risk in all of these areas is ‘transaction costs’. We provide mediation/facilitation services to help minimise these costs.

Industrial and Workplace Conflict – including mediation of: workplace grievances between employees and employees, and employees and supervisors/mangers; workplace conflict between employee groups (both informal and formal groups); and workplace conflict between employees and contractors.

Rural Adjustment: Drought, flood, and adjustment perforce of economy of scale put change front and centre for people on the land. We have mediators who have vast experience in rural Australia and can help with change and adjustment.


Peace-building includes a range of interventions in situations of emerging, current or post community conflict situations. In the post-stabilisation period, the interventions are specifically guided toward managing tension, prevention of the re-emergence of conflict and the promotion of lasting and sustainable peace.

Community Conflict – Our experience involves work both in Australian indigenous communities and in Papua New Guinea.