Where large scale projects are forecast, the promotor can often be required to undertake public consultation as part of the proposal. Similarly, where governments are forecasting regulatory change, public and stakeholder consultation forms part of the reform process. We have on many occasions assisted with facilitating public forums for possible regulatory change (including for a Commission of Inquiry), including in the sugar industry, water management, and environmental harm prevention.

Our Penrose triangle logo is a depiction of the dynamic of interests and needs in any conflict – (a) the needs and interests around the substantive issue; (b) the personal needs and interests of the people involved; and (c) the process needs and interests of the parties. This dynamic is at a heightened complexity when there are multiple parties involved – such as in the case of public or stakeholder consultation. The pathway to finding good outcomes is to understand the process and personal needs of parties involved and to then design a process that is enabling. We have designed processes to enable different cultural communities (including matriarchal and patriarchal communities), socio-economic groups, and regional-urban groups who have had contrasting, time, language and social preferences.