One of the largest reducible costs in any organisation is the cost of conflict. Yet, well managed, conflict is an opportunity for ‘change and growth’. We offer a range of problem-solving and conflict management services. 

Our methodology to managing differences is multi-dimensional, is based on research and knowledge developed at some of the world’s leading research centres, and through extensive practical experience. Our approach recognises that  conflict can have many sources, e.g., structural, cultural, personal, situational, climatic, or design. It can be influenced by surrounds, and is often characterised by high emotions. If you need a conflict analysed, need support to find a resolution, or need advice and guidance on how to change the current dynamics, we can provide advice that is cutting edge.


If you require and independent review of events or circumstances at your workplace, we can tailor processes to manage your risks and future action. For example, we can provide analysis and advice on :

  • The employment framework applicable to your work place (employment contracts, Awards, Enterprise Agreements and Policies and Procedures), and how to create value within the framework;
  • Workplace bullying and harassment, and what is reasonable management action;
  • Managing social media at the workplace;
  • Workplace Dispute Resolution systems design; and
  • Managing the difficult conversation i.e. Feedback and the performance interview.

Importantly, we can also provide services and coaching on auditing existing systems (eg internal grievances or customer complaints) and advise on tailoring systems to fit your organisation